Immortality Giveaway – Your Chance to Name Characters in “The Syrian Virgin”

A $50 Amazon Gift Card can last just one minute (depending on your shopping habits) but IMMORTALITY never ends!

Have you ever wished that you could be part of that story-telling magic that lives FOREVER?

Imagine people everywhere experiencing and discussing a story that has a part of YOU in it. Pretty cool, right?

Well, this is your chance to be IMMORTALIZED by choosing the names of certain characters in The Syrian Virgin. You can choose your own name, or that of a relative or friend, or just invent one. Totally up to you. But TWELVE winning entries will determine the names of the TWELVE characters listed below.

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your preferred name and which character you want to name. If the name has special significance (or is dedicated to someone), you are welcome to share that information too.
2. Go to this Facebook link, like it, comment “done,” and share the link. For extra credit (which may improve your odds of winning): tag some friends!
3. No more than one entry per person, but each entry can enter a name for every single character. All entries must be posted on this page by October 31, 2014.
4. Winners will first be announced on my newsletter for this book, so sign up here to find out if you won:


–MALE (the first two should be LAST NAMES, the others first names)

1) Julien — Anissa’s professor and the billionaire owner of a major hedge fund. To enter your choice for Julien’s last name, leave a comment on this post with the exact spelling of the surname you want me to use. If the name has special/personal significance and you’d like to share it, please do!
2) University Dean — The man with academic authority over Julien’s position at the university. I’m probably just going to use a last name here (as in “Dean [LAST NAME] said…”) but you can enter a first name as well, if you like.
3) The top-performing male student in Anissa’s college class (taught by Julien).
4) The second best-performing male student in Anissa’s college class (taught by Julien).

–FEMALE (all entries should be FIRST NAMES)
1) Julien’s therapist
2) Julien’s hot assistant in the university class he teaches
3) the ex-girlfriend of Michael (the Syrian-Christian political activist, and the other powerful man in Anissa’s life)
4) Anissa’s university friend who also has a crush on Julien
5) the Filipino maid who lives with Anissa’s family in Syria
6) the gorgeous woman who works at Julien’s $20 billion hedge fund firm
7) Anissa’s therapist
8) one of Julien’s lovers who will cause him a scandal